Capuchin monkey, (genus Cebus), also called sapajou, common Central and South American primate found in tropical forests from Nicaragua to Paraguay. Capuchins, considered among the most intelligent of the New World monkeys, are named for their “caps” of hair, which resemble the cowls of Capuchin monks. These monkeys are round-headed and stockily built, with fully haired prehensile tails and opposable thumbs. The body is 30–55 cm (12–22 inches) long, with a tail of about the same length. Coloration ranges from pale to dark brown or black, with white facial markings in some of the four species.

The capuchin monkeys are New World monkeys of the subfamily Cebinae. They are readily identified as the “organ grinder” monkey, and have been used in many movies and television shows. The range of capuchin monkeys includes some tropical forests in Central America and South America as far south as northern Argentina. In Central America, where they are called white-faced monkeys (“carablanca”), they usually occupy the wet lowland forests on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panama and deciduous dry forest on the Pacific coast.

Why Choose Us?

Capuchin monkeys for sale. We breed Capuchin monkeys with abundant personality, character, and body structure. Fluffy Coat Capuchin monkeys. Our Capuchins are part of our family. They are loved and valued as such. They are not monkey making machines. We do not wish to be overwhelmed by our passion.  We want to enjoy every second of it!  Each of our Capuchin has his or her own endearing qualities which makes us smile every day. We would love to share with you the  happiness they bring to us.  If you are interested in a lifelong companion monkey, please visit Our Available Monkeys page and any new monkeys we have will be posted .  We also have a waiting list if you are not  in a hurry.  Just send us an e-mail with a little information about yourself and what you are interested in and we will contact you.  Remember, everyone has an opinion about raising monkeys, so before you make a decision about us, or our monkeys, please feel free to discuss any questions, or concerns you may have by either emailing or calling us.  

We are not your average pet store operation. We offer over 17 years in industry experience. We care about our monkeys and insure quality breeders with the highest standards for your new monkey. Every breeder is federally licensed and in compliance with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) laws. Every breeder is responsible and held accountable. Each and every monkey goes home with the best health guarantees, pet insurance, microchipping and registration as well as a complete take home package with training materials and take home essentials.

At Capuchin Pet Monkeys Home, we adore animals and enjoy people. We home raise our capuchin monkeys which makes a difference due to early socialization and interaction with people and other animals.  We do not breed as business , We do it as result of too much love we have for the monkeys that’s why  you will never see our price with other breeders.


CAPUCHIN Monkeys For Sale

Capuchin monkeys for sale. All our monkeys are Home raised, very sociable and like to play with people, kids and other home pets. Ourmonkeys are very healthy and vaccinated. Cute babymonkeys that will make the best indoor and family pets, ready for good and caring homes.
We have babies as well as adult Capuchin Monkeys.
Our monkeys make great home pets .
They are also good for breeding purposes.
These monkeys have been bottle-fed from birth, all
shots are up to date, and they will make a wonderful companion to any home.

Many more regular Capuchin monkey can be found from us.  All of our monkeys are hand raised in our home. We carry only the best Sires & Dams from recommended breeders.   Our monkeys have large yards to play in .  They can go inside through dog doors anytime, to  a climate controlled living area.  They have lots of shade and pools in the summer that  they love to lay in and play in.  They have toys and bones to chew on.  We feed Natures  Variety Instinct food that they love and thrive on. Our monkeys are all loved If you are looking for a reliable quality breeder of capuchin monkeys , please get in touch with us first.  You will see the difference in our monkeys and the way we raise them.

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